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North American Paranormal Research Team

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My name is Kenny Hayes (Co-Founder) and I am a health care professional that got involved with the paranormal while working night shift at a hospital in East Tennessee. I saw and heard things that I could not understand! So I decided to research and study the paranormal through scientific methods. My goal is to try to debunk and explain activity considered paranormal. When I catch something that cannot be explained I will present it to you and let you make the decision of whether it is paranormal or not.
My name is Mark LaBello (Co-Founder) - I was born in Brooklyn, NY, and spent most my life living in Jacksonville, FL. I served 23 years of honorable service in the United States Navy and retired in 2005. I really did not know anything about the paranormal until programs such as Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures were televised. I remember spending numerous hours watching these shows on the television and curiosity got the best of me. I have been actively investigating in the paranormal field for nearly 3 years. I was one of the biggest skeptics when it came to the paranormal but, in the past three years I have experienced, saw and heard things that was beyond what I could ever imagine. My theory is “What lies beyond the realm of the living is only what you believe”.
My name is Kim LaBello (Investigator/Technician) - I was born in Jacksonville FL. I graduated from Walters State Community College in May 2011 with an associates degree in general education. Since then, I have gone back to school and am working toward my degree in Information Technology. My father (Mark LaBello) first introduced me to the paranormal. We would spend many nights watching Ghost Hunters, and Ghost Adventures. I didn't really believe any of it though, until I started hearing stories from my family of experiences they have had. I look forward to finding out the truth about the paranormal.
My name is Emily Boller (Investigator/Historian) - I have recently moved to the Knoxville area to work in the Knox County School system. I graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in December 2011 with a degree in elementary education. I have always been intrigued by the paranormal, from ghost stories at girl scout camp to watching scary movies with my older brothers. My curiosity heightened when I moved into a house built next to the Stones River Battlefield. We experienced many things we could not explain, such as noises where no one was, flashes in the corner of our eyes, and a 2-year old describing a confederate soldier upstairs. Even though I believe in spirits and the paranormal, I want proof. I am interested in learning more about the equipment used in investigations and how and why it works. I am very excited to learn more about paranormal investigations and participate in them and am eager to learn from the great and knowledgeable people of this team!
Meleah McCammon (Spiritual Intuitive)
I grew up in East Tennessee and though I've always enjoyed exploring new places, the mountains always draw me back home. With that said, my "home away from home" is most definitely New Orleans, a hauntingly beautiful place that I've been lucky enough to regularly frequent. Since I was a little girl, I knew I would be a storekeeper and six years ago I took a leap of faith and took the dive into entrepreneurship.
I am the proprietor of Curiosities, a metaphysical store in Knoxville, TN and combined with my personal study of different spiritual paths, work with alternative healing modalities and love of the occult, I've found my perfect niche. I also offer spiritual counseling, tarot reading, energy work and a myriad of classes. As far as psychic skills go, I would consider myself an empath, channel and medium with skills such as clairvoyance, precognition, psychometry and telepathy. Oftentimes, these skills are used together to get a well-rounded picture during a reading. I am skilled in Tarot, Runes, pendulums and dowsing, automatic writing, scrying (tea leaves and coffee grounds, too), I sense and see auras and I have been known to conduct a séance on occasion. I am also a Reiki Level 3 Master and offer energetic healing sessions which integrate Reiki, Medicine Drumming, Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy and Intuitive Work. I'm a certified hypnotist and an Ordained Minister as well.
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Matt Perlingiero (Investigator)